Thomas Havlik | Video
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Musicvideo in collaboration
with Trick-my-Film

Krpf – Syllable Space Flood

Video, Speechsounds, asemantic signs:
thomas havlik

used voices from: varoufakis, merkel, obama, putin

Crunchy Led Bar Poetry

Idea Soundpoetry Text
Thomas Havlik

Camera Editor
Andreas Fleckl

How to write a very good poem
in a few steps
(inspired by Tristan Tzara)

Camera/Edit: Al Bird Gore. Trash Rock Productions 2008.

Bim Aka Bar
Syllable Hex

text: thomas havlik, cam: michael f schreiber

voices: thomas havlik, michael schreiber, philipp rotter, sandra hanschitz, the unused word, theresia meindl, christian mairinger, simon schäfer, curtis cobane, petra sue

Panorama Kehre

Text / Audio: Thomas Havlik
Voices: christina „tinski“ horvath, carlo speranza, thomas havlik
camera / cut: gustav auge_vtpwappler