Thomas Havlik | Performance
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Performance & CD Release
Cabaret Voltaire, Zürich

Syllablesshooter, 30 Milliarden Silben
SoundPoetry Performance und CD-Release

Cabaret Voltaire, Zürich 16.3. 2016

Soundpoetry, Sounds, Text, Performance:
Thomas Havlik

Camera, Cut, Audiorecord: Bruno Schlatter

»bara daak«, sample-poetry
betonbox düsseldorf

bara daak —-

Voice: Thomas Havlik, including voice mikrosamples of Ernst Jandl, Isidor Isou, Sten Hanson, Franz Mon, William Burroughs, Bernard Heidsick, Kurt Schwitters as well as of

Konstantin Wecker, Roland Düringer, Thomas Chorherr, Herta Wessely, Maria Maltschnig (cut from the tv-show „Club2, „Bürger – Wohin mit Wut?“, broadcasted ORF 15.2.2012) and also

voice-snippets of Roland Mayr together with M.P. and

a field record of demonstrations

no instruments, just voice

Lyrik Strassenbahn
Rund um die Burg

Auszug aus der „Lyrik Strassenbahn“, „Rund um die Burg“ 2014

Gedichte: „Ungeerntet“, „Zieh schnell fort aus´m Achten“, „Immerhinaus“, „Wir als wir“, „Tarnanzug Frucht“, „Eingeheimste Matrize“, „Starbuck“, „Euchhörnchen“, „Galoppkartuschen“, „Lautgesetze“, „Kiemen“, „Alte Haut“, „Bara Daak“, „Seiend, wo ich seife“,  „Wie man an Land geht“

Huellkurven Soundpoetry
Rhiz, Wien

„Syllables Shooter“ – soundpoetry performance combining voice live-processings with prepared micropieces of letters, alphabetic strings, phonems and textsnippets.


1. „Writing on body“

2. „Distances“; steps between stagefront and stageback determinates breathing in and breathing out

3. „Working against/being spechless“ (orange peel in mouth)

4. „Writers death“; randomised sentences of lyrik and newspapers

5. „article me, article be“; (all the people)

6. „Syllables-Shooter“; destroying of the artificial limb and giving back the letters to the people

Oxi Soundpoetry Intervention

Soundpoetry Intervention at Austrian Innovation Forum

On Walter Serner

Kakania: a project celebrating the great figures of Habsburg Austria one hundred years on – a series of original commissions from 21st century London artists refracted the great figures of Habsburg Vienna.

Supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum.

The sixth Kakania event in London, held at the Austrian Cultural Forum saw six new commissions, on March 31st 2016.

Evolutionsbibliothek goes Werk

Lyrik, Soundpoetry, zzoo-Evolutionsbibliothek
goes Werk

indignez-vous´ätriertes Anagramm

Soundpoetry Performance
at Radiokulturhaus/Klangtheater (excerpt)

Das Auto voller Wasser
Figurentheater Lilarum, 2012


Dökeba Zündschnur

Soundpoetry Performance
together with „Vortex Visuals“ (excerpt)

Die Glühbirne im Verbandskasten

Lyrik excerpt